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The fourth industrial revolution- “Artificial Intelligence” is transforming human lives & jobs in a fast pace. Hence, Automobile industry doesn’t remain unaffected. When we talk about the future of cars, the very first thought that comes to our mind is of “a car without a human driver.”

AI systems will not become autonomous on its own, it requires to be designed in that way. Therefore, we can say that for a car to be autonomous it requires AI. AI is just not limited to autonomous vehicles but also, includes advanced customer satisfaction as a whole. For the same, these cars infused with AI includes facilities like voice & speech recognition, gesture controls and many other driving monitoring systems. Further, the driving experience of each drive is being recorded and stored in the AI database to increase efficiency of the vehicle in the future.

AI has become a part of our daily lives, for example, Uber, google assistant, smartphones to name a few. In fact, courses infused with AI as a subject has also been started at various educational institutions. Not only this the subject matter of autonomous cars is hitting the headlines and dominating various tech-shows.

It is also believed that self- driving cars will become so advanced that they will drive at a much faster speed and also decreasing the no. of road accidents up to zero. Autonomous cars will be a solution to traffic jams and therefore, will also add on as an economic advantage. Some of the companies that has already started stressing over self-driven cars include Waymo, Nissan, Uber, Tesla, etc.

According the studies, India truly has a huge market for implementing AI based systems. The Indian automakers are keen to implement these systems but also, want to know more about the challenges that come along. India is quite far away from implementing a fully automated car infused with AI because of the issues related to road infrastructure and driving styles.

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