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Industries during COVID-19

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As we all know about the Corona Virus it is not only the topic but its present situation in which we are leaving and life still goes on.

If we look at the Situation at present countries are struggling with their economy whether it is huge or small and while the people are in l lockdown and they are not aware of the things and the crises they have to face in the future how many will be affected due to COVID19

When it comes to industries it’s about the backbone of every country and countries are depending on their industries. if we take an example of some industries affected are Agriculture Technology & Construction and the worst impact we can see is on the Travel industry.

COVID-19 impact on agriculture: –

Agriculture is the main source of income for many countries around the world and when its time of Coronavirus was everyone is under lockdown and the consumption of agricultural products increased in time of lockdown but this sector is also facing the problem like other sectors and industries of the world.

The agriculture industry has a different problem during this time as the demand increase and the supply chain is not, as usual, it uses to be and it’s because of the non-availability of laborers on time and transportation issues.

If we talk about the farmer they have taken loans for the seeds and other things which they have to renew at this time and for than government package is not as per their expectation they are unable to fulfill their things and needs to give better results and which leads to less production in future and this will affect the demand and they need a government package to survive in this cost-cutting times.

Covid-19 impact on Construction: –

COVID-19 is having a massive impact on construction projects The legal implications vary from country to country and contract to contract. The Effect is so bad that Many projects have even stopped, usually intending to resume work at a later date and workers have left the working places for their native on panic situation Governments have also ordered that certain businesses stop working. However, the construction industry has generally not been the subject of ordered shutdowns.

Covid-19 impact on IT Sector: –

No Sector is escaped from Covid 19 impact and when we talk about IT it is one of the main sectors which are interlinked within the country and out of the country with their work.

As we can see all the It works as been stopped and the ground level things of It companies which use to be done with the help of ground staff have been affected in worst way and companies are at the stage of cost-cutting for their survival and since last 3 months we have been listening to many news about the layoff in the staff numbers and every week there is the number of people who are part of layoff and they don’t have any future jobs as no company is hiring as now due to current pandemic. Job sites are full of new resumes and behind 1 job there are thousands of people. If the situation will not come under control in some months there will be more worst crises and countries will be degrading in their economy and which is the worst thing which we can imagine.

COVID-19 Impact on the Travel industry: –

The Travel industry is one of the worst affected industries if we see around the world the domestic and international flights have been canceled and non-operating since March 20th in many countries.

The government has decided to stop the transport facilities asked people to stay at home as the Coronavirus is more transferable during the travel and visiting the places with crowded people. Hotels, Resorts, Heritage sites, and many travel spots which are the main source of income have been non-operating since March ‘20th  for the survival in the industry many travels started cutting off the costs and layoff is going on which is very bad and many people will be jobless in future of travel industry unless and until the Coronavirus vaccine is found. The effects on major industries are very bad with the hope of a rise in the better future.

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