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Global Agriculture nets Market Outlook 2020: Global Opportunity and Demand Analysis, Market Forecast, 2019-2028

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Global Agriculture nets Market Outlook 2020: Global Opportunity and Demand Analysis, Market Forecast, 2019-2028

Global Agriculture nets Market Outlook 2020: Global Opportunity and Demand Analysis, Market Forecast, 2019-2028

  • Published Date: 29 Dec 2019
  • Report ID: Agri 001
  • Pages:184
  • Base Year: 2019
  • Format: PDF
  • Historical Data: 2016-2018

The global Agriculture nets market size was valued at USD 8.46 billion is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.8% over the forecast period. Agricultural fabrics aid in improving crop quality and helps in increasing overall productivity. Agriculture nets are majorly classified by the amount of sunlight the pass through it. They are used in the nonwoven and woven form. Agriculture nets are very useful for crop protection. Plants, vegetables, fruits, and flowers need to be protected from insects, birds, and harsh weather conditions.

Top Driver: Rising demand for non-toxic material nets will drive the market growth

A major driver boosting the agriculture nets market is raising demand for non-toxic material nets which can be used in direct contact with plants, and which are durable, waterproof, and easily convertible. Moreover, expansion of the agro textile market and growing demand for agriculture nets from agriculture as well as nonagricultural sectors are projected to drive the agriculture nets market in the coming years. In addition, unpredictable climate changes, increasing daily needs of the growing population, and demand for quality crops are anticipated to lead the growth of the agriculture nets market. Furthermore, rise in global farming and demand for safe & hygienic food is expected to drive the agriculture nets market in the coming years. However, reducing arable land in developed economies is projected to restrain the agriculture nets market in the near future. The market is exceedingly competitive due to large number of local players. Moreover, low performance of nets in terms of durability and quality of nets, is expected to hinder the market. Nevertheless, increasing demand for new productive materials such as shading, and floating coverts and innovation in crop protection are expected to offer significant opportunities to the global agriculture nets market.

Shading nets to Make Crucial Conattribution for Growth of Global Agriculture nets market

Shading nets segment is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.9% over the forecast period to reach a net revenue exceeding USD 2.70 billion by 2025. Shading nets aim at providing protection to plants from extreme weather conditions, winds, and reducing water evaporation. They are also used to delay or prolong the harvesting period in sunny areas. Shading nets are also used in screen house or virus free productions. Increasing air humidity and the reduction in air flow could be a limiting factor in their use.

Mulching helps to maintain soil water retention, soil temperature, and prevents the growth of weeds. In addition, it helps to grow the crop faster with healthier and higher yield. Mulch mats are used in dry regions where sustaining of crops is important and are used mainly in vegetable and few fruit crops that were of short duration crops. Factors such as protection of crops from pests, limited supply, and judicious use of water and high agricultural productivity are anticipated to drive the market over the forecast period.

North America dominated to witness fastest growth in Global Agriculture nets

North America aquaculture production is anticipated to foresee a significant growth on account of increasing farming meat for shell fishes and growing domestic consumption of seafood’s. In June 2011, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the U.S. Department of Commerce released national aquaculture policies for supporting sustainable marine aquaculture at the domestic level. Therefore, increasing deployment of aquaculture in the U.S. on account of favorable government support is anticipated to promote agro tech demand for aquaculture application in the region.

Europe is a mature market and hence the demand is anticipated to be sluggish over the forecast period. Large agricultural textiles demand in Europe is attributed to favorable government regulations regarding reusability of polymers and bio-based products. Thus, Europe is anticipated to witness stagnant growth in the agriculture textiles market over the forecast period

Players to Focus on Global Agriculture nets market

Major players operating in the agriculture nets market include

  • Acme Mills (Pvt.) Ltd.,
  • Fiberweb (India) Ltd.,
  • Shakti Polyweave Pvt. Ltd,
  • Low & Bonar PLC,
  • Garware-Wall Ropes Ltd.,
  • JX Nippon ANC, Inc.,
  • Freudenberg & Co. KG, Ltd.,
  • Koninklijke Ten Cate,
  • Don & Low Ltd.,
  • UNIMIN India,

With increasing competition in the market due to large number of regional players, top companies are expanding their R&D facilities to develop reliable, lightweight, durable, and high-strength and quality agriculture nets.

Scope of the Report

By Product

  • Shade-nets
  • Mulch-mats
  • Anti-hail nets and bird protection nets
  • Fishing nets

By Region

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific

Key Reasons to Purchase this Report

  • It provides a technological development map over time to understand the growth rate of the industry.
  • The report offers a dynamic method to various factors that drive or restrain the growth of the market.
  • It renders definite analysis for changing competitive dynamics.
  • It builds a seven-year estimate based on how the market is predicted to grow.

Table of Content
Chapter 1 Overview And Scope
1.1 Market Vision
1.1.1 Market Definition
1.1.2 Market Scope
1.2 Market Segmentation
Chapter 2 Our Research Practice
2.1 Our Research Methodology
2.2 Data Triangulation
2.3 Data Sources
2.4 Assumptions for the study
2.5 Approach Adopted
Chapter 3 Executive Summary
3.1 Market Snapshot
3.2 Regional Snapshot
3.3 Segment Summary
Chapter 4 Covid-19 Impact Analysis
4.1 Overview
4.2 Prevalence analysis
4.3 Key Factor Impact Analysis
Chapter 5 Global Agriculture nets Market Forces
5.1 What’s Driving the Market
5.2 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
5.2.1 Power of Suppliers
5.2.2 Threats From New Entrants
5.2.3 Power of Buyer
5.2.4 Threat From Substitute Product
5.2.5 Degree of Competition
Chapter 6 Global Agriculture nets Market -Industry Snapshots
6.1 Overview
6.1.1 Global Agriculture nets Market Value, 2019 – 2026, (US$ Bn)
6.2 Market Overview
6.2.1 Drivers Analysis
6.2.2 Restraint/Challenges analysis
6.2.3 Opportunity Analysis
6.3 Supply Chain/Value Chain Analysis
6.4 Market SWOT Analysis
Chapter 7 Global Agriculture nets Market Analysis, by Prduct Type
7.1 Overview
7.2 Key Findings for Agriculture nets Market- By Type
7.2.1 Agriculture nets Market- Shade-nets
7.2.2 Agriculture nets Market- Mulch-mats
Chapter 8 Global Agriculture nets Market Analysis, by Application
8.1 Overview
8.2 Key Findings for Agriculture nets Market- By Application
8.2.1 Agriculture nets Market- Column Assisted Agriculture nets (C-EPS)
8.2.2 Agriculture nets Market- Pinion Assisted Agriculture nets (P-EPS)
8.2.3 Agriculture nets Market- Rack Assisted Power Steering System (R-EPS)
8.2.4 Agriculture nets Market- Electronic Hydraulic Power Steering (EHPS)
8.2.5 Agriculture nets Market- Electronic Hydraulic Power Steering (EHPS)
Chapter 9 Agriculture nets Market Analysis by Region
9.1 Key Findings for Agriculture nets Market- By region
9.2 Overview
9.2.1 Global Agriculture nets Market Analysis, By Type, 2019 – 2026
9.2.2 Global Agriculture nets Market Analysis, By Application, 2019 – 2026
9.3 Agriculture nets Market – North America
9.3.1 Overview
9.3.2 U.S.
9.3.3 Canada
9.3.4 Mexico
9.3.5 North America Market, By Type
9.3.6 North America Market, By Application
9.4 Agriculture nets Market – Europe
9.4.1 Overview
9.4.2 Germany
9.4.3 United Kingdom
9.4.4 France
9.4.5 Italy
9.4.6 Rest Of Europe
9.4.7 Europe Market, By Type
9.4.8 Europe Market, By Application
9.5 Agriculture nets Market – Asia Pacific
9.5.1 Overview
9.5.2 China
9.5.3 Japan
9.5.4 India
9.5.5 Rest of APAC
9.5.6 Asia Pacific Market, By Type
9.5.7 Asia Pacific Market, By Application
9.6 Agriculture nets Market – SAMEA
9.6.1 Overview
9.6.2 Middle East & Africa (MEA)
9.6.3 South America
9.6.4 Rest Of World
9.6.5 South America, Middle East and Africa Market, By Type
9.6.6 South America, Middle East and Africa Market, By Application
Chapter 10 Market Competition Analysis
10.1 Market Share/Positioning Analysis
10.1.1 Market Positioning of Key Vendors, 2019
10.1.2 Key Strategies Adopted by the Leading Players
10.1.3 Recent Developments
Chapter 11 Company Profiles- Snapshot
11.1 UNIMIN India,
11.1.1 Business Fundamentals
11.1.2 Financial Snapshots
11.1.3 Product Portfolio
11.1.4 Recent Developments
11.2 Acme Mills (Pvt.) Ltd.,
11.3 Fiberweb (India) Ltd.,
11.4 Shakti Polyweave Pvt. Ltd,
11.5 Low & Bonar PLC,
11.6 Garware-Wall Ropes Ltd.,
11.7 JX Nippon ANC, Inc.,
11.8 Freudenberg & Co. KG, Ltd.,
11.9 Koninklijke Ten Cate,
11.10 Don & Low Ltd.,
*More than 10 Companies are profiled in this Research Report*
*Financials would be provided on a best efforts basis for private companies”
Chapter 12 Appendix

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