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Development Trend Of The Agricultural Industry In 2020

India is a largely agricultural country with a history of thousands of years. Indian agriculture plays a very important role in India’s historical and cultural development. In recent years, to further promote the development of agriculture, the government of India has implemented a series of policies and measures in the agriculture sector. The National Agricultural

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Recent Development in Consumer Goods & Packaging Industry

Over the past decade, FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) sector plays the role of an immense economic generator on a global scale. But the final product must be attractive to look with clear branding and labeling which can easily attract the consumer towards the shelf. That’s where the packaging industry comes in the spotlight because

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Industries during COVID-19

As we all know about the Corona Virus it is not only the topic but its present situation in which we are leaving and life still goes on. If we look at the Situation at present countries are struggling with their economy whether it is huge or small and while the people are in l

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The Brain Chemicals That Make You Happy And How To Trigger Their Release

Remember that long warm hug you had with your loved one, and you wished the moment stretched to eternity. Or the butterflies you had in your stomach when you saw your crush approaching you in 8 th grade. Or the time when you were incredibly happy on some of your accomplishment, which probably makes no

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The fourth industrial revolution- “Artificial Intelligence” is transforming human lives & jobs in a fast pace. Hence, Automobile industry doesn’t remain unaffected. When we talk about the future of cars, the very first thought that comes to our mind is of “a car without a human driver.” AI systems will not become autonomous on its

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Personal Protective Equipment Industry – 6 Major Application Sectors Driving Trends

Personal protective equipment or PPE is one of the watchwords of today’s world due to the dire situation created by the virus. It is an all-inclusive term which refers to gloves, headgear, body suits which are needed to protect workers. We hear news reports on PPE production and country leaders making statements about its import,

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