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Global Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market 2020: Global Opportunity and Demand Analysis, Market Forecast to 2028

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Global Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market 2020: Global Opportunity and Demand Analysis, Market Forecast to 2028

Global Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market 2020: Global Opportunity and Demand Analysis, Market Forecast to 2028

  • Published Date: 12 Mar 2020
  • Report ID: CG&P 0017
  • Pages:175
  • Base Year: 2019
  • Format: PDF
  • Historical Data: 2016-2019

Nitrogen is a fundamental component required for plant development. Nitrogen (N) is one of the most generally disseminated components in nature, since it’s the most plentiful gas in the air, just a couple of plants have the ability to absorb and use the same. Nitrogenous manures are inorganic in nature; it contains nitrous mixes, for example, calcium ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulfate, ammonium nitrate, and different mixes.

The nitrogenous Fertilizers Market is required to pick up development, attributable to the rising food request, because of the expanding populace and the administration financing for the use of cutting-edge strategies and manure for high profitability, so as to fulfill the rising need. The market for nitrogenous manures was esteemed at USD 69 billion of every 2018, and is anticipated to reach at an estimation of USD 117.06 billion by 2028, seeing a CAGR of 3.2% over the forecast period.

Top driver: Robust demand for Increasing number of Population

The nitrogenous fertilizer market is relied upon to pick up development, inferable from the rising food request, because of the expanding population and the administration financing for the use of cutting edge procedures and manure for high profitability, so as to satisfy the rising need. Recently the new ways and procedures to enhance agriculture activities are giving advantages to companies around the globe. Moreover, the power of Nitrogenous fertilizer to enhancing the production of crops is also a big reason to drive the market.

Urea to Make Crucial Contribution to the Growth of Global Nitrogenous Fertilizer Market

Based on the kind of nitrogenous composts, Urea is most broadly utilized in agribusiness and has added to almost 90% of the development of the nitrogenous manures advertise in the previous decade. Urea is favored as a substitute for ammonium nitrate and is utilized broadly as ranchers have distinguished it as a prudent and simple to utilize another option. Therefore, Urea is contributing a huge share in the growth of the Global Nitrogenous Fertilizer Market during the forecast period of time.

The other segments are Calcium Ammonium Nitrate, Ammonium Nitrate, Ammonia and Ammonium Sulphate.


Rising Investment in Global Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market and Research to benefit Asia Pacific Market

The nitrogen composts advertise been geologically portioned into North America, Western Europe, Asia-Pacific, Eastern Europe, South America, and Middle East and Africa. Asia Pacific records for around 43% of the market.

The Asia Pacific (APAC) district commands the business. APAC saw the most elevated development during the last five years because of expanded meat and dairy item utilization. The higher utilization prompted more prominent interest for extra plant development in APAC and, in this manner, a more appeal for nitrogen manures.

Key Players to Focus On Expanding Applications in Global Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market

 Major players in the market are CF Industries Holdings Inc., Yara International, Nutrien Inc., PJSC Togliattiazot, Coromandel International Ltd, OCI NV, Koch Industries Inc., EuroChem Group, Bunge Limited, SABIC Group.

Built for the international global nitrogenous fertilizer business, the market includes ammonia, nitrogen, phosphates, potash, and sulfur, so you have a single source of insights, information, and analytics in one place.

Yara International:

Yara International ASA is a Norwegian substance organization. Its biggest business territory is the creation of nitrogen compost; anyway it likewise includes the creation of nitrates, smelling salts, urea and other nitrogen-based synthetic compounds. The Yara brand is one of the most regarded and broadly perceived brands in agribusiness. The Yara International has become a symbol of quality and pioneering in the Global nitrogenous fertilizers Markets makes the company’s offerings even more innovative.

Coromandel International: Coromandel International Limited is an Indian company established in the mid-1960s by IMC and Chevron Companies of USA and EID Parry. Coromandel International Limited is leading company in the Global Nitrogenous Fertilizers Markets.

Scope of the Report

By Type

  • Urea
  • Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (CAN)
  • Ammonium Nitrate
  • Ammonium Sulphate
  • Ammonia
  • Others

By Crop

  • Cereals & grains
  • Oilseeds & pulses
  • Fruits & vegetables

By Application

  • Grains and Cereals
  • Pulses and Oilseeds
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Turf and Ornamentals

By Region

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific

 Key Reasons to Purchase this Report

  1. It provides a technological development map over time to understand the growth rate of the industry.
  2. The report offers a dynamic method to various factors that drive or restrain the growth of the market.
  3. It renders definite analysis for changing competitive dynamics.
  4. It builds a seven-year estimate based on how the market is predicted to grow.

Table of Content

Chapter 1           Overview And Scope

1.1             Market Vision

1.1.1          Market Definition

1.1.2          Market Scope

1.2             Market Segmentation

Chapter 2           Our Research Practice

2.1             Our Research Methodology

2.2             Data Triangulation

2.3             Data Sources

2.4             Assumptions for the study

2.5             Approach Adopted

Chapter 3           Executive Summary

3.1             Market Snapshot

3.2             Regional Snapshot

3.3             Segment Summary

Chapter 4           Covid-19 Impact Analysis

4.1             Overview

4.2             Prevalence analysis

4.3             Key Factor Impact Analysis

Chapter 5           Global Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market Forces

5.1             What’s Driving the Market

5.2             Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

5.2.1          Power of Suppliers

5.2.2          Threats From New Entrants

5.2.3          Power of Buyer

5.2.4          Threat From Substitute Product

5.2.5          Degree of Competition

Chapter 6           Global Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market -Industry Snapshots

6.1             Overview

6.1.1          Global Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market Value, 2019 – 2028, (US$ Bn)

6.2             Market Overview

6.2.1          Drivers Analysis

6.2.2          Restraint/Challenges analysis

6.2.3          Opportunity Analysis

6.3             Supply Chain/Value Chain Analysis

6.4             Market SWOT Analysis

Chapter 7           Global Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market Analysis, by Type

7.1             Overview

7.2             Key Findings for Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market- By Type

7.2.1          Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market- Urea

7.2.2          Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market- Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (CAN)

7.2.3          Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market- Ammonium Nitrate

7.2.4          Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market- Ammonium Sulphate

7.2.5          Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market- Ammonia

7.2.6          Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market- Others

Chapter 8           Global Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market Analysis, by Crop

8.1             Overview

8.2             Key Findings for Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market- By Crop

8.2.1          Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market- Cereals & grains

8.2.2          Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market- Oilseeds & pulses

8.2.3          Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market- Fruits & vegetables

Chapter 9           Global Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market Analysis, by Application

9.1             Overview

9.2             Key Findings for Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market- By Application

9.2.1          Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market- Grains and Cereals

9.2.2          Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market- Pulses and Oilseeds

9.2.3          Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market- Fruits and Vegetables

9.2.4          Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market- Turf and Ornamentals

Chapter 10       Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market Analysis by Region

10.1           Key Findings for Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market- By region

10.2           Overview

10.2.1       Global Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market Analysis, By Type, 2019 – 2028

10.2.2       Global Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market Analysis, By Crop, 2019 – 2028

10.2.3       Global Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market Analysis, By Application, 2019 – 2028

10.3           Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market – North America

10.3.1       Overview

10.3.2       U.S.

10.3.3       Canada

10.3.4       Mexico

10.3.5       North America Market, By Type

10.3.6       North America Market, By Crop

10.3.7       North America Market, By Application

10.4           Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market – Europe

10.4.1       Overview

10.4.2       Germany

10.4.3       United Kingdom

10.4.4       France

10.4.5       Italy

10.4.6       Rest Of Europe

10.4.7       Europe Market, By Type

10.4.8       Europe Market, By Crop

10.4.9       Europe market by, Application

10.5           Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market – Asia Pacific

10.5.1       Overview

10.5.2       China

10.5.3       Japan

10.5.4       India

10.5.5       Rest of APAC

10.5.6       Asia Pacific Market, By Type

10.5.7       Asia Pacific Market, By Crop

10.5.8       Asia Pacific Market, By Application

10.6           Nitrogenous Fertilizers Market – LAMEA

10.6.1       Overview

10.6.2       Middle East & Africa (MEA)

10.6.3       Latin America

10.6.4       Rest Of World

10.6.5       Latin America, Middle East and Africa Market, By Type

10.6.6       Latin America, Middle East and Africa Market, By Crop

10.6.7       Latin America, Middle East and Africa Market, By Application

Chapter 11       Market Competition Analysis

11.1           Market Share/Positioning Analysis

11.1.1       Market Positioning of Key Vendors, 2019

11.1.2       Key Strategies Adopted by the Leading Players

11.1.3       Recent Developments

Chapter 12       Company Profiles- Snapshot

12.1           Yara International ASA

12.1.1       Business Fundamentals

12.1.2       Financial Snapshots

12.1.3       Product Portfolio

12.1.4       Recent Developments

12.2           Nutrien (Agrium)

12.3           CF Industries Holdings

12.4           EuroChem Group AG

12.5           Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan

12.6           Koch Fertilizers, LLC

12.7           Sinofert Holdings Limited

12.8           URALCHEM Holding Plc.

12.9           OCI Nitrogen

12.10        PJSC Togliattiazot

*More than 10 Companies are profiled in this Research Report*

*Financials would be provided on a best efforts basis for private companies”

Chapter 13       Appendix




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