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Global Phosphatic Fertilizers Market Outlook 2020: Global Opportunity and Demand Analysis, Market Forecast, 2019-2028

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Global Phosphatic Fertilizers Market Outlook 2020: Global Opportunity and Demand Analysis, Market Forecast, 2019-2028

Global Phosphatic Fertilizers Market Outlook 2020: Global Opportunity and Demand Analysis, Market Forecast, 2019-2028

  • Published Date: 12 Jul 2021
  • Report ID: CMFE 0040
  • Pages:198
  • Base Year: 2019
  • Format: PDF
  • Historical Data: 2016-2019

Phosphatic Fertilizers are anticipated to grow at a value CAGR of ~x% over 2019-2028. According to a study published by Insure Insights on the Phosphatic Fertilizers market is anticipated to grow in the coming years. The market growth is attributed to boost in the forecast period, owing to the surge in the global population, growth in the meat consumption and the increase in food demand. Furthermore, the arable land being limited is anticipated to help the industry grow in the coming years. The increase in the demand for cereals and grains on account of the rapidly surge in the population across the globe is expected to support the growth of phosphate fertilizers over the coming years.


Top Driver: Increase in the usage of the efficient ways to produce the crops to boost the industry

Phosphatic Fertilizers has abundant demand in the agriculture industry, due to the surge in the use of phosphate fertilizers in order to gain maximum growth of the plants sown. The usage of phosphorous in chemical fertilizers and feed supplements are proved to improve the soil’s nutrition. The usage of fertilizers in agriculture is the key factor for land management practices that substantially increasing the crop yield and soil fertility. The trend of ‘green revolution’, phosphate fertilizers have contributed considerably in raising agricultural productivity and reducing hunger worldwide. The farmers treat their lands with phosphorus fertilizers in order to boost the yield of their crops.

Cereals and Grains to Make Crucial Contribution to Growth of Global Phosphatic Fertilizers Market

Among applications segments of the global Phosphatic Fertilizers market, cereals & grains segment is anticipated to gain highest revenue shares in the forecast period. This owes to the increasing awareness regarding the nutritional content present in the category of cereals and grains and the benefits to the human body offered due to the same. Furthermore, the oilseeds industry is anticipated to grow further attributed to the surge in the population and the use of it as a cooking oil in the forecast period

Surge in the demand for the Phosphate Fertilizers to Benefit Asia Pacific Market

Asia Pacific countries is anticipated to grow in the coming years due to the increase in population across the globe and is e boosting the demand for diversified food, which will eventually boost demand for phosphate fertilizers over the forecast period. Furthermore, India is the expected to be the second-largest consumer and largest importer of diammonium phosphate (DAP) fertilizers and hence contributes to growth of the industry significantly in the near future.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the various industries have been experiencing a downfall in the current scenario. However, the increase in the demand in the food and beverages in the pandemic would propel the industry in the coming years.

Players to Focus on Expanding Applications

The global Phosphatic Fertilizers market is expected to stay fragmented with the increase in the number of new entrants in the coming years. The major players include, EuroChem Group AG, Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan Inc., Agrium Inc., CF Industries Holdings, Inc., Yara International ASA, Coromandel International Ltd., Israel Chemicals Ltd., PJSC PhosAgro, S.A OCP, and The Mosaic Co.

EuroChem Group AG: In November 2020, EuroChem Group AG, a leading global fertilizer producer, and Belgium-based biotechnology company Aphea.Bio announce the signing of a research and development agreement.

Agrium Inc.: In December 2017, Canadian fertilizer and chemical companies Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc. and Agrium Inc. have agreed to divest two U.S. production facilities in order to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that their proposed merger would negatively impact competition in two relevant markets.

Scope of the Report

By Product

  • Diammonium Phosphate (DAP)
  • Superphosphate
  • Monoammonium Phosphate (MAP)
  • Others

By Application

  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Cereals & Grains
  • Oilseeds
  • Others

By Region

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific

Key Reasons to Purchase this Report

  1. It provides a technological development map over time to understand the growth rate of the industry.
  2. The report offers a dynamic method to various factors that drive or restrain the growth of the market.
  3. It renders definite analysis for changing competitive dynamics.
  4. It builds a seven-year estimate based on how the market is predicted to grow.

Table of Content

Chapter 1           Overview And Scope

1.1             Market Vision

1.1.1          Market Definition

1.1.2          Market Scope

1.2             Market Segmentation

Chapter 2           Our Research Practice

2.1             Our Research Methodology

2.2             Data Triangulation

2.3             Data Sources

2.4             Assumptions for the study

2.5             Approach Adopted

Chapter 3           Executive Summary

3.1             Market Snapshot

3.2             Regional Snapshot

3.3             Segment Summary

Chapter 4           Covid-19 Impact Analysis

4.1             Overview

4.2             Prevalence analysis

4.3             Key Factor Impact Analysis

Chapter 5           Global Bare Copper Conductor Market Forces

5.1             What’s Driving the Market

5.2             Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

5.2.1          Power of Suppliers

5.2.2          Threats From New Entrants

5.2.3          Power of Buyer

5.2.4          Threat From Substitute Product

5.2.5          Degree of Competition

Chapter 6           Global Bare Copper Conductor Market -Industry Snapshots

6.1             Overview

6.1.1          Global Bare Copper Conductor Market Value, 2019 – 2028, (US$ Bn)

6.2             Market Overview

6.2.1          Drivers Analysis

6.2.2          Restraint/Challenges analysis

6.2.3          Opportunity Analysis

6.3             Supply Chain/Value Chain Analysis

6.4             Market SWOT Analysis

Chapter 7           Global Bare Copper Conductor Market Analysis, by Type

7.1             Overview

7.2             Key Findings for Bare Copper Conductor Market- By Type

7.2.1          Bare Copper Conductor Market- Soft drawn

7.2.2          Bare Copper Conductor Market- Medium hard drawn

7.2.3          Bare Copper Conductor Market- Hard drawn

Chapter 8           Global Bare Copper Conductor Market Analysis, by Application

8.1             Overview

8.2             Key Findings for Bare Copper Conductor Market- By Application

8.2.1          Bare Copper Conductor Market- Automotive

8.2.2          Bare Copper Conductor Market- Aerospace

8.2.3          Bare Copper Conductor Market- Energy Sectors

8.2.4          Bare Copper Conductor Market- Chemicals

8.2.5          Bare Copper Conductor Market- Electronics

8.2.6          Bare Copper Conductor Market- Others

Chapter 9           Bare Copper Conductor Market Analysis by Region

9.1             Key Findings for Bare Copper Conductor Market- By region

9.2             Overview

9.2.1          Global Bare Copper Conductor Market Analysis, By Type, 2019 – 2028

9.2.2          Global Bare Copper Conductor Market Analysis, By Application, 2019 – 2028

9.3             Bare Copper Conductor Market – North America

9.3.1          Overview

9.3.2          U.S.

9.3.3          Canada

9.3.4          Mexico

9.3.5          North America Market, By Type

9.3.6          North America Market, By Application

9.4             Bare Copper Conductor Market – Europe

9.4.1          Overview

9.4.2          Germany

9.4.3          United Kingdom

9.4.4          France

9.4.5          Italy

9.4.6          Rest Of Europe

9.4.7          Europe Market, By Type

9.4.8          Europe Market, By Application

9.5             Bare Copper Conductor Market – Asia Pacific

9.5.1          Overview

9.5.2          China

9.5.3          Japan

9.5.4          India

9.5.5          Rest of APAC

9.5.6          Asia Pacific Market, By Type

9.5.7          Asia Pacific Market, By Application

9.6             Bare Copper Conductor Market – SAMEA

9.6.1          Overview

9.6.2          Middle East & Africa (MEA)

9.6.3          South America

9.6.4          Rest Of World

9.6.5          South America, Middle East and Africa Market, By Type

9.6.6          South America, Middle East and Africa Market, By Application

Chapter 10       Market Competition Analysis

10.1           Market Share/Positioning Analysis

10.1.1       Market Positioning of Key Vendors, 2019

10.1.2       Key Strategies Adopted by the Leading Players

10.1.3       Recent Developments

Chapter 11       Company Profiles- Snapshot

11.1           Vimlesh Industries

11.1.1       Business Fundamentals

11.1.2       Financial Snapshots

11.1.3       Product Portfolio

11.1.4       Recent Developments

11.2           Republic Wire

11.3           Eastern Copper

11.4           IWG Copper

11.5           Ganpati Wires

11.6           Perfect Wire Industries

11.7           Chandra Group

11.8           Slimlites Electricals Pvt. Ltd

11.9           Eland Cables

11.10        Jalan Wires

*More than 10 Companies are profiled in this Research Report*

*Financials would be provided on a best efforts basis for private companies”

Chapter 12       Appendix




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