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Global Polymer Nanocomposites Market Outlook 2028: Global Opportunity and Demand Analysis, Market Forecast, 2019-2028

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Global Polymer Nanocomposites Market Outlook 2028: Global Opportunity and Demand Analysis, Market Forecast, 2019-2028

Global Polymer Nanocomposites Market Outlook 2028: Global Opportunity and Demand Analysis, Market Forecast, 2019-2028

  • Published Date: 01 Jun 2021
  • Report ID: CMFE 0045
  • Pages:187
  • Base Year: 2019
  • Format: PDF
  • Historical Data: 2016-2019

Polymer Nanocomposites Market is anticipated to reach a value CAGR of 15.95% over 2019-2028. According to a study published by Insure Insights on the Polymer Nanocomposites Market, Polymer Nanocomposites is also known as (PNC). Polymer Nanocomposites contain of a polymer or copolymer; it has nanoparticles or nanofillers dispersed in the polymer matrix. They are significant as they create a new type of hybrid material of polymer that has unique electrical and thermal properties. Polymer Nanocomposites consist of properties like strength, weight reduction, and toughness; these properties are enhancing the demand of the market.

Top Driver: The enhanced properties of Polymer Nanocomposites as compare with Polymers are driving the market

Polymer nanocomposites exhibit properties like electrical conductivity, surface appearance, chemical resistance, thermal stability, and heat distortion temperature and thus have increased the demand of the market. The rise in the demand for polymer nanoparticle in the packaging, automotive, aerospace & defense, electronics & semiconductor, energy, construction has further boosted the market growth. The extensive use of polymer nanocomposites in the automotive industry as it is used in tyres, engine cover, trimming belt cover, inverter cover and many others have further escalated the market growth

Nano clays in the Type Segment have obtained the highest growth in the Global Polymer Nanocomposites Market

Based on the Type Segment, Home Nanoclays has held the highest growth in the market; this is basically due to the increase in demand of Nanoclays in the food & beverage for the packaging industry as they have better of barrier properties than other materials. Nanoclays are also widely being used in the ink formulation: as it helps in adjusting the consistency of printing inks to the desired value, avoids pigment sedimentation, provides good color distribution and provides desired film thickness.

In terms of the Application segment, Automotive & aerospace have dominated the market growth, The Rise in the usage of automotive parts like connectors & fuel line parts, bumpers, structural parts, are thus is likely to boost the market further. Based on the Fibre type, Thermoplastics have obtained the most significant growth as they have high flexural strength, and is relatively inexpensive for mass production.

North America would rule the regional market due to the nanotechnology in the region

North America has witnessed a high demand in nanotechnology, there has been a significant rise in the disposable income among the customers, and the Growing demand for nanomaterials have boosted the regional growth of the market. The presence of major key players has further driven the market growth of the region. The rise in the new developments in the polymer nanocomposites, bio-raw material developments, rising industrial applications, upcoming technological advancements, and innovative techniques developed in polymer nanocomposites have further driven the market growth.  The rise in Automobile manufacturing in the region has expanded the market of the region.

Mergers, Acquisitions, Partnerships are the key strategies of the Competitors.

The Global Polymer Nanocomposites Market is expected to rise from 2019-2028.  The Global Polymer Nanocomposites Market is fragmented. The players focus Mergers, Acquisitions, Partnerships for the overall growth.3D System, Foster Corporation, Industrial Nanotech, Hybrid Plastics Inc., Inframat Corporation, InMat Inc., Nanocor Incorporated, Crown Plastics Co., Inc., , Noble Polymers LLC, s and. Arkema is the key players in the market.

3D System: 3D System is one of the key competitors in the Polymer Nanocomposites market. In January 2017, 3D Systems had the acquisition of dental material company VERTEX-GLOBAL Holding B.V. This acquisition was made by 3D System to expand its product portfolio.

Arkema: Arkema is one of the major competitors of the Global Polymer Nanocomposites Market. For instance, In July 2019, Arkema had announced that it had completed the acquisition of ArrMaz; they are a global leader in specialty surfactants used in crop nutrition, mining, and infrastructure markets. This acquisition was made by Arkema to accelerate its growth in the specialty surfactant market.

Scope of the Report

By Fibre Type

  • Thermoplastics
  • Thermosetting

By Type

  • Carbon Nanotubes
  • Nanofiber
  • Nanoclay
  • Graphene

By Application

  • Packaging
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Coatings

By Region

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific

Key Reasons to Purchase this Report

  1. It provides a technological development map over time to understand the growth rate of the industry.
  2. The report offers a dynamic method to various factors that drive or restrain the growth of the Market.
  3. It renders definite analysis for changing competitive dynamics.
  4. It builds a seven-year estimate based on how the Market is predicted to grow.

Table of Content

Chapter 1           Overview And Scope

1.1             Market Vision

1.1.1          Market Definition

1.1.2          Market Scope

1.2             Market Segmentation

Chapter 2           Our Research Practice

2.1             Our Research Methodology

2.2             Data Triangulation

2.3             Data Sources

2.4             Assumptions for the study

2.5             Approach Adopted

Chapter 3           Executive Summary

3.1             Market Snapshot

3.2             Regional Snapshot

3.3             Segment Summary

Chapter 4           Covid-19 Impact Analysis

4.1             Overview

4.2             Prevalence analysis

4.3             Key Factor Impact Analysis

Chapter 5           Global Bare Copper Conductor Market Forces

5.1             What’s Driving the Market

5.2             Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

5.2.1          Power of Suppliers

5.2.2          Threats From New Entrants

5.2.3          Power of Buyer

5.2.4          Threat From Substitute Product

5.2.5          Degree of Competition

Chapter 6           Global Bare Copper Conductor Market -Industry Snapshots

6.1             Overview

6.1.1          Global Bare Copper Conductor Market Value, 2019 – 2028, (US$ Bn)

6.2             Market Overview

6.2.1          Drivers Analysis

6.2.2          Restraint/Challenges analysis

6.2.3          Opportunity Analysis

6.3             Supply Chain/Value Chain Analysis

6.4             Market SWOT Analysis

Chapter 7           Global Bare Copper Conductor Market Analysis, by Type

7.1             Overview

7.2             Key Findings for Bare Copper Conductor Market- By Type

7.2.1          Bare Copper Conductor Market- Soft drawn

7.2.2          Bare Copper Conductor Market- Medium hard drawn

7.2.3          Bare Copper Conductor Market- Hard drawn

Chapter 8           Global Bare Copper Conductor Market Analysis, by Application

8.1             Overview

8.2             Key Findings for Bare Copper Conductor Market- By Application

8.2.1          Bare Copper Conductor Market- Automotive

8.2.2          Bare Copper Conductor Market- Aerospace

8.2.3          Bare Copper Conductor Market- Energy Sectors

8.2.4          Bare Copper Conductor Market- Chemicals

8.2.5          Bare Copper Conductor Market- Electronics

8.2.6          Bare Copper Conductor Market- Others

Chapter 9           Bare Copper Conductor Market Analysis by Region

9.1             Key Findings for Bare Copper Conductor Market- By region

9.2             Overview

9.2.1          Global Bare Copper Conductor Market Analysis, By Type, 2019 – 2028

9.2.2          Global Bare Copper Conductor Market Analysis, By Application, 2019 – 2028

9.3             Bare Copper Conductor Market – North America

9.3.1          Overview

9.3.2          U.S.

9.3.3          Canada

9.3.4          Mexico

9.3.5          North America Market, By Type

9.3.6          North America Market, By Application

9.4             Bare Copper Conductor Market – Europe

9.4.1          Overview

9.4.2          Germany

9.4.3          United Kingdom

9.4.4          France

9.4.5          Italy

9.4.6          Rest Of Europe

9.4.7          Europe Market, By Type

9.4.8          Europe Market, By Application

9.5             Bare Copper Conductor Market – Asia Pacific

9.5.1          Overview

9.5.2          China

9.5.3          Japan

9.5.4          India

9.5.5          Rest of APAC

9.5.6          Asia Pacific Market, By Type

9.5.7          Asia Pacific Market, By Application

9.6             Bare Copper Conductor Market – SAMEA

9.6.1          Overview

9.6.2          Middle East & Africa (MEA)

9.6.3          South America

9.6.4          Rest Of World

9.6.5          South America, Middle East and Africa Market, By Type

9.6.6          South America, Middle East and Africa Market, By Application

Chapter 10       Market Competition Analysis

10.1           Market Share/Positioning Analysis

10.1.1       Market Positioning of Key Vendors, 2019

10.1.2       Key Strategies Adopted by the Leading Players

10.1.3       Recent Developments

Chapter 11       Company Profiles- Snapshot

11.1           Vimlesh Industries

11.1.1       Business Fundamentals

11.1.2       Financial Snapshots

11.1.3       Product Portfolio

11.1.4       Recent Developments

11.2           Republic Wire

11.3           Eastern Copper

11.4           IWG Copper

11.5           Ganpati Wires

11.6           Perfect Wire Industries

11.7           Chandra Group

11.8           Slimlites Electricals Pvt. Ltd

11.9           Eland Cables

11.10        Jalan Wires

*More than 10 Companies are profiled in this Research Report*

*Financials would be provided on a best efforts basis for private companies”

Chapter 12       Appendix




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